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23 Nov 2017

The winner of the Justice League fan art competition

Art student—and Justice League super fan—Carlos Gonzalez explains how he created the winning artwork

"Wonder Woman is my favorite super hero of all time; since I was a kid I have been fascinated by Greek mythology and all of the powerful Greek gods, stories and powers. Also Wonder Woman’s message of love, justice and kindness is the perfect message to live by."

"For this work, I was inspired by all of the different heroes coming together as one and uniting the league to fight together while a great evil threatens humanity. I knew I wanted to include the whole league in there, and the evil forces—and that I wanted Wonder Woman and Batman to pop out."

"I decided to put Wonder Woman at the center, and I had Batman at the top looking over everyone. I wanted Batman to represent shadows and hope at the same time, while Steppenwolfe represents the darkness and terror surrounding the heroes and the city itself."

"I’m really excited to finally see all of my favorite DC characters on the big screen—their stories, their powers, and how powerful they can be when it’s time to unite and fight as a team."

Follow Carlos on instagram at @carlosgzz003

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